OS X Mac App Store - Multi User Hell

Updating apps when forced to use the original apple id

Posted by Grego on September 28, 2016

Update Xcode OS X Multi-user

If the Mac App Store has locked you out of updating, requiring you to log in as another user to download or update one of your apps you can easily circumvent this problem by simply deleting the receipt.

This probably won’t work too well for paid apps, but it works like a charm for the free stuff.

For example we’ll use Xcode.app:

  • Simply open the bundle by navigating to /Applications
  • Right click on Xcode.app and click Show Package Contents
  • Find and delete the _MASReceipt/ directory by either dragging it to the trash and emptying it or by pressing DELETE

In my case I wasn’t able to actually update Xcode, but it worked just fine for installing the latest version.

This is a bit of a hack and should probably really only be used in a pinch situation. A better idea might be to have a shared apple id for free software downloads and then another shared apple id with billing information tied to it for paid apps, which would be available to a select few.

I’m not too sure what the best way to really administer a multi user environment on OS X is, but I’m sure I’ll uncover something better in the future…

Check Updating XCODE using different apple account on StackOverflow for more details.